I’m a Belfast based published writer for hire, currently finishing a Masters in creative writing. I have extensive writing experience across many different forums, from creative to scientific. If you have any queries please follow the contact link at the top of the page.

My background is psychology and I have worked in the field for over ten years. This involved therapeutic work, as well as scientific writing; however although my background is in science, writing is in my blood, and so, my MA in Creative Writing specialises in fiction and scriptwriting. Psychology has equipped me with the observational skills that are specific to a social scientist, and this has enriched my writing in both the creative and content domains. 

I have a love for books, films, music, and theatre, and I aim to incorporate them into much of what I write. Even though I’m a creative writer by nature, I also enjoy writing opinion pieces and reviews of recent releases.

I have worked in collaboration with the Belfast Film Festival, Film Ireland, and the QFT Belfast, amongst others.